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Top 5 Tips for Your Private Charter in 2024

It’s already charter season here in Clearwater Florida. And, we’ve had some great private charters so far. So, we figured it would be time to share a few tips for those who are planning their charter trip. Private charters are so wonderful as you spend time with your family on the boat. Since you’re not sharing the boat with any other groups, you can take advantage of some opportunities. Here are a few things to think about before you book.

Private Charter

What Days and Times are Best to Book a Private Charter in Clearwater Florida?

This one is easy to answer! Week days are better than weekends for boat trips. Mornings and late evenings are great. Weather-permitting, a late afternoon charter is really enjoyable in the summer. But, by far, the best time is early morning. The water is typically very calm in the morning. And, dolphin sightings are more common around lunch time. So, you’ll likely see them as we return to the dock.

What Should I Bring for the Boat Trip?

Our boat has lots of room. So, you really can bring anything from small coolers to personal carry-ons like backpacks or tote bags. The key to a great charter trip is to bring some essentials and some extra snacks. Here is a list that could be useful:

  • Sunscreen (although we prefer that you use our marine-grade sunscreen)
  • An extra layer of clothing or light jacket as it gets windy out there
  • Your favorite drink (please avoid any red wine or dark colored fruit drink)
  • Snacks. Just avoid anything that could melt or stain the boat fabric such as Cheetos or cheesy potato chips

How Far Out Should I Book My Trip?

While it’s fairly common that customers book with us months before their trip, keep in mind that the weather can change rapidly around Clearwater Beach. So, be sure to keep an eye on the weather. We do our best to move bookings around, if needed. So, chances are, if the weather is bad, we can move your trip to a better date.

Charter Guests Clearwater

Are There Any Dates I Should Avoid?

We highly recommend booking your trip on a weekday. Weekends can be very busy on the water. If you have to book on a weekend, definitely avoid booking a public holiday. As you can imagine, everyone else wants to be on the water during Memorial Day, July 4th, and other big holidays. It’s best to avoid the “novice” boaters so your private charter is peaceful and enjoyable.

Wedding Party

How Many Guests Do You Allow on the Boat?

We’re allowed up to 6 guests, not including our captain and first mate. So, your party of 6 is welcome to join us for a fun-filled private charter. For the best experience, please make sure your group has all had a good breakfast (unless you’re bringing food onto the boat) and everyone has stopped at the restroom. We don’t have a bathroom on the boat.

We always aim to provide you with the best possible experience!