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A Safe Day On The Water Is A Great Day On The Water

Boating is a dangerous activity (although we will make it as safe as possible for you). However, Flying Pelican Tours can not be held responsible for injuries that may occur on the dock, on the boat, on the beach shores of any anchored location, and/or while getting off or onto the boat. Therefore, we require each person to sign a personal waiver before embarking on a private charter. Guardians/parents of minor children will also be required to complete a waiver for each minor.

Like any activity that involves motion, you should be in good health before embarking on a private charter. You should be free from high blood pressure, and heart, neck, back, knee, or leg problems. If you are prone to vertigo or motion sickness, a private charter may not be the right activity for you as the boat activity may aggravate your conditions. Please check with your doctor before embarking on a private boat charter.

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