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Why We Chose Our 25′ Sun Deck Boat

As a private charter service in Clearwater Beach, Florida, we had plenty of boat options. We ended up choosing the SouthWind 2400 SD, a beautiful sport deck boat that is perfect for our boat tours.

Private Boat Charter Clearwater Florida

A Comfortable Boat Charter Experience

Ample Seating For Your Group

We can comfortably accommodate up to 6 people (plus our captain and first mate). The front of the boat can easily seat 4 adults while at the back, we can seat around 3 to 4 adults on our plush leather seats. There is also a walking access in the center of the boat leading to the front of the boat. So, it’s easy to move around the boat while we are traveling slowly. And, if we spot dolphins, you’ll be able to move around easily to get a good look.

A Smooth Ride

While the waterways can sometimes be busy, we utilize the boats bow trim and engine trim to help smooth out the ride. And, on days when the water is smooth, you will have the most comfortable ride you’ve ever had on the water. We make it our goal to avoid bumpy areas so you can enjoy your scenic private charter.

Protection From the Sun

The boat has a bimini top that we always keep up when the sun is out. If you want the sun, sit out front. If you want protection from the sun, sit at the back. But, remember to bring a hat and sunscreen to help protect you. The sun is brutal here in the summer! We will have backup sunscreen on the boat if you forget.

Quality and Attention to Detail

Our boat boasts some great design elements with a lot of chrome. We have cup holders everywhere from the very back of the boat to the front compartments. The hull is reinforced with carbon fiber, helping protect it from rust.

Power and Performance

We wanted a boat with enough get-up-and-go for those rare moments we need it. Our 250HP Yamaha outboard engine gives us plenty of power for this boat. That being said, we typically keep things to a crawl or a slightly brisk walk.

Access to Sandbars

Access to sandbars

Front and Rear Ladders

We wanted to access various areas and give our guests an opportunity to get on the nearby islands. With our boat we can access these low-lying areas bow (nose) first. This means we don’t have to back up to the beaches. So, we can get really, really close to land. In some cases, you won’t even need to stand in water when you get off the boat.

Private Charter Clearwater Florida

Power Poles

We installed two power poles on the boat that help anchor the boat more easily. This feature just reduces the time it takes to anchor and gets you on the island faster.

Onboard Sound System

We have a new Fusion sound system that KICKS. We typically play our music softly in the background. But, if you want a little more volume, we can boost it. If you want to play your tunes, we can connect your phone to the system via Bluetooth.

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We’d love to take you on a private charter from Indian Rocks Beach to Clearwater and Dunedin.
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