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Best Things About a Private Boat Charter

Boat trips are a great way to relax with your friends and family on vacation. Getting out on the water is good for the soul. Let’s face it; life is busy for all of us. So, it’s important to take time away from it all and enjoy life a little. Let’s see what it takes to have the best private boat charter experience.

Best Private Boat Charter

Your Very Own Private Boat Tour

Very often, large boat trips include a tour guide sharing knowledge about the area and the wildlife. On a private boat tour, your experience is even more engaging. We find that our guests get a lot more out of the experience because we can answer their questions directly. They feel comfortable asking questions about dolphins, water depth, and other fun things about the Clearwater beach area.

It’s great for us to share information about manatees, cormorants, pelicans, and more as we travel up and down the intracoastal waterway. You will find that a private tour is much more personal, allowing you to soak up the information while also just taking it all in at your own speed.

It’s Private, Not Shared

We recently had a quest that asked us if we were waiting on another party to join. When explained that it was just us and them, they got super excited about the idea of having a boat all to themselves. It’s a great feeling to share our boat with guests. They often have never been on a boat, so they suddenly realize they are getting a boutique, high-end experience tailored for them.

Unlike group boat trips, a private boat charter is more flexible. We have often taken detours because a guest wants to spend some time island-hopping instead of sightseeing on the water. Or, we’ve had groups that just wanted to do some dolphin watching. So, we stalked dolphins for 3-4 hours. That personalized customization is what a private boat tour is all about.

Memories Shared For a Lifetime

Unlike group boat tours, a private boat charter is all about you. That means even your photos and videos contain you and your family…not strangers. Well, we will be on the boat too. On our private boat tour in Clearwater, we want you to walk away with memories that you will keep with you forever. We take photos and video and share them with each guest to add to their own memories.