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Things To Do: Island-Hopping in Clearwater Beach, Florida

It’s our things-to-do series! This time, we go island-hopping. This is possibly the best part of our private boat charter. There are many islands around the Clearwater Beach area. And many of them are only accessible via the water. So, this is your chance spend a bit of time on a secluded little island with your friends and family.

Fun Things to Do on a Charter


Some of the best seashells are found out on these little islands. When we arrive at each island, you can take some time and walk around looking for unique seashells. You might even find an in-tact sand dollar, if you’re lucky. The shells pictured below are from a recent Caladesi Island Boat Tour.

Swimming in Clearwater

You’ll love the sunshine here. But, you’ll probably need a bit of time in the water to cool things down. From late February to late October, the water is warm enough for swimming. Around June, it’s like bathwater, it’s so warm. You’ll love the calm water and relaxing atmosphere that’s even great for younger children to enjoy. Here’s a recent photo during our stop at an island near Sand Key Beach.


You can get a bit of a tan out here. And, when you’re on an island, it’s great to bring a towel and just lie on the beach. If you don’t like the sand, you can enjoy a sun tan on our 25ft Sun Deck boat. We offer sunscreen if you forget. And, we’ll play some relaxing island music or whatever your favorite tunes are.


Walking on the beach sand is one of our favorite things to do. The white sandy beaches in Clearwater and Dunedin are some of the nicest in the country. We’ll always try getting the boat right up to the beach. So, when you get off the boat, you’re walking on the sand right away.

Dolphin Watching

Let’s not forget to keep an eye out for our friendly dolphins. They are often seen from the island beaches as they make their way into or out of the intracoastal waterway. Best times to see dolphins is in the late morning and early evening hours. At these times, they are looking for food and typically are swimming in the intracoastal waterway.

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